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Human Skab Poster"In ten years, I'm gonna be crusin' the coast..."


Part punk rockumentary, part band ethnography, part war veteran story, this film portrays the saga of Travis Roberts - aka the Human Skab - as he and several other characters embark on a reunion tour, reclaiming the musical phenomenon that was so popular in its original inception.


Rife with amazing synchronicities, Human Skab is an eye-opening narrative about a veteran's post-war experience as well as a band reunion film. Travis's music, both old and new, not only provides a powerful creative vision of American society, but offers a wealth of insight to present politics, "outsider music," life as a war veteran, and personal healing.

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Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags

This 2009 Thunder Hips and Saddle Bags release is a remastering of the 1986 cassette recorded by Travis, his neighborhood pals, and siblings. It was injected into the underground network of tape traders, zine scribes, college DJs, and freak seekers, who were universally bowled over by its bewildering and utterly poignant snapshot of the mid-1980s. Read More >>

Stay Thirsty

Stay Thirsty, from Family Vineyard Records is one of a half-dozen cassettes recorded by Travis and family during the mid-late 1980s and injected into the DIY and cassette underground, given radio play in the Pacific Northwest, and developed a regional following in its day. This album was Skab’s response to He-Man, the smoldering cold war, living near the abandoned Satsop Nuclear Plant, and heavy metal. Read More >>

Still Thirsty

Following the reunion tour of 2009, Travis, Bret, Frank, and friends recorded piecemeal parts of songs to make Still Thirsty, an encapsulated album that is as of now unreleased. The music is raw, distorted, and post-apocalyptic in the way only Human Skab can engender. Consider supporting the 2016 Skab tour and ask about purchasing these songs for your collection. Read More >>

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