Thoughtful Review of the Film by The Independent Critic

The Independent Critic calls Human Skab “A documentary with more than a little attitude.” In a thoughtful review, the critic gives Skab a good grade and even better write up. Particularly in the review, the critic notes: “Human Skab is a wildly uneven and disjointed film, but it’s hard to believe that the film would have worked any other way. At times, Human Skab feels like we’ve stumbled into the darker side of a Spinal Tap documentary but there’s really very little actual humor here and there’s quite a bit more that will challenge your thoughts, touch your heart, and maybe even piss you off.”

I really liked the next part of the review too, that definitely resonates with the spirit of the film:

“It may just be the fact that Woods and co-director Frank Gunderson, who was also alongside Roberts as a kid, seem to steadfastly resist pigeonholing Human Skab into any predictability that makes the film both maddeningly inconsistent and irresistible. There’s a sense of strong politics behind Human Skab, though if you don’t actually guess that from the DVD cover itself then you’re probably not paying attention and you’re probably not the film’s actual target audience.”

You can check out the whole film review here on the independent critic site.

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